Optimizing Human Potential as Stewards of Nature

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Terrence Barber

Terrence serves as Executive Chairman of Tenso Barterre Group, cross-border local-global M&A strategy advisory advancing sustainable land, technology and market development. Through TBG, he grows innovative public and private enterprises and institutions, deploying cutting edge technology towards building equitable access both to sustainable food and nature as medicine systems and on generating opportunities in high tech, education and sustainable consumer markets in the U.S. and worldwide.

As a Harvard MBA with Honors AB in East Asian Studies and Economics, preeminent mentors have included Ambassador Edwin O. Reischauer, sinologist Ezra F. Vogel and global food systems thought-leader Ray A. Goldberg. As a senior diplomat, senior executive, investment banker and strategist, he has advised and directed entrepreneurial and complex organizations, private and public, generating opportunities in high tech and consumer markets in the U.S. and worldwide. His leadership experience includes:

  • University Professor, Vice President and Chief International Officer at Alliant International University — San Francisco
  • President & CEO of medical foods innovator, Ricex — El Dorado Hills, CA
  • Governor's Representative and Managing Director of Asia, overseeing California Offices of Trade and Investment in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore — Tokyo
  • Executive Director and Senior Foreign Service Officer overseeing US Agricultural Trade Offices in Japan as Chief Marketing Officer for US Agriculture at the American Embassy — Tokyo
  • Senior Director of Strategic Planning, Evaluation and Compliance; Chief Strategist at the US Foreign Agricultural Service — Washington DC
  • Senior Vice President at Stamford College Group (Singapore/Geneva) and CEO of its cross-border advisory affiliate, BHP — Sacramento
  • Principal Consultant to the California Assembly Standing Committee on Economic Development and New Technology; California Community Colleges State Director of Small Business Programs — Sacramento
  • Vice President and Manager of Bank of California Capital Services (Mitsubishi Bank cross-border M&A strategy arm) — San Francisco
  • Senior Financial Engineer/Strategist at Agribusiness Associates Inc., U.S. strategy arm of the Central Agricultural Banks of Western Europe — Boston
  • AVP/Examiner for International and Technology Portfolios at Wells Fargo Bank San Francisco
Terrence was born in Japan, raised in Tokyo and California and was an AFS exchange student in Germany. He is fluent in Japanese and speaks German. He served as U.S. Department of Defense ESL instructor seconded to the Royal Thai Air Force. Terrence writes poetry and plays traditional German, Native American, Asian and African wood flutes.

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